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Release and Healing after a Session
Healing is Instantaneous.....the understanding comes later
These are some things that will assist in the integration of the energy shifts that occurred during your session.
Sand Painting: These are used to help the shift continue it's momentum. Ideally they are made outside on the earth, but if that is not possible, use your imagination and find a space inside your home or on your deck. You can use objects found in nature or bring items to the sand painting that have special meaning regarding what you are working on. It is good to have some burnable items. First open sacred space. Make a circle (Spirit Ring) large enough to put objects in. Stones or leaves or twigs work well for this, but follow your own intuition. If you decide to take things from living plants be sure to ask permission and give thanks to the spirit of that plant. You will be placing items in the circle based on what you are working on. Again, follow your intuitive hits, listen to your inner voice. Visit the sand painting regularly. See what changes have occurred. Make changes if you feel you are drawn to. The sand painting can stay active for about a week, but it may do it's work in a shorter period of time. Trust yourself. You will sense when it is done working for you. When it is time to disassemble it, take out the burnable items for your sacred fire and return the rest to nature. When you leave it there should be no evidence that a sand painting was there. Close sacred Space. Bring the burnable items to sacred fire.
Sacred Fire: Fire is a potent and quick transformer and transmitter of energy, prayers and intention. When we place items in the fire during ceremony, we release it to the Spirit. The new moon and the full moon are energetically special times for ceremony, but you do not have to limit yourselves to those times. If you feel that a fire is what is needed, make one. There is a ritual for creating sacred fire for a group, but you may be instructed to burn a death arrow or spirit arrow on your own after a session. For this purpose you can simply open sacred space and create a small fire in your own yard or use a match stick or toothpick and a shell or bowl and do it indoors. The sincerity of your prayers and intention is what will make it powerful. Blow into the twig or stick that which you want to release or that which you are praying for, then burn it. If you have items from a sand painting, offer them at this time. Close sacred space.
Salt baths: 1cup baking soda, 1 cup sea salt. Sit in the bath for 10 to 15 min. Rinse off after the bath. Sleep or rest after the bath. This helps in the release of heavy energy from your luminous body. You can use this time to meditate and use your intention to release any thing needing released. Typically these are done every other day for a few days to a week. Use little or no alcohol at this time. They can be done more often as desired.
Shamanic Drum Circle

The shaman uses the sound of the drum or rattle to carry him/her into what is called non-ordinary reality.  This is where the subconscious, animal guides and spirit guides communicate with you.  I will lead you on a spirit journey with the rattle and drum so you can meet your spirit guides or find answers to questions.  This can be alone or in a group setting.  Generally what happens is that I set up an alter with sacred objects honoring the 4 directions,  mother earth,  father sky, and soul.  You can place what things you want on the alter space to be blessed. We then open and hold sacred space so the all will be safe in their journeys.  I will drum for about 15-20 min while you journey and then call you back to present place.  Generally I give you a few minutes to journal or draw your journey and then talk about what happened.  I can help interpret the journey but you are the creator of your journey and only you can figure out what they mean to you.  I will then close the ceremony with a short prayer of thanks to all.  
Illumination.........What is an Illummination
Each of us has a Luminous body that is around our physical body.  There are also energies that are around us everyday all the time.  The energies around us are either light energies, that support us or heavy energies that cannot be used by our luminous body,  The illumination process transforms these heavy energies into light.  It transforms emotional wounds into sources of power and knowledge.  Another way to say it is that it mulches the heavy energy into a source of fuel for you.
What does an Illumination "look like"
Together we will talk about and feel the issue, the emotion or feeling.  You will discover the place in your body where that feeling is living.  You will then transfer that feeling into one of my healing stones by blowing it into the stone.  We will create sacred space and I will hold that sacred space while the process continues.  I will check your chakras with a pendulum and then place the stone over that chakra.  I will hold your head while we do breathing together.  I will work with your chakra, maybe with my rattle or hand.  I will guide you in your breathing and releasing.  When the chakra is cleared I will then remove the stone and Illuminate the chakra by bringing Divine light into that chakra.  I will then balance the chakras and we will close the process by talking and then closing the sacred space. 
I like to do an uncoupling also within the process.  This is a balancing of your heartbeat to the earths heartbeat and reduces the Flight or Fight response in regard to imprinted issues.  This allows for a calmer feeling.
I will explain everything before the Illumination and answer any questions you may have.